Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vampire's Kiss

I did this painting nearly thirty years ago. It has always been one of my most popular works , but recently, for some reason we have been receiving more orders for prints of this one than usual. In addition we have also received a number of questions about the meaning of the painting. So, to answer those that have wondered, my thought is that the painting represents that in love there is here and there a little drop of pain. Just enough to remind us that we are human beings. So there you have it.



Jen said...

I would really be interested in the interpretations your many fans have of this classic piece, since any painting is rarely viewed the same way by any two people. For those who have "The Vampire's kiss" hanging in their homes: what drew you to it? Is there symbolism there that has a specific meaning to you, or was it something more general; the sensual composition, the skill of the technique, the enduring appeal of the vampire mythology ( immortality with a heavy price-which often translates into tragic love, and tragic love is often seen as the most romantic form of love). Is it the undeniable eroticism, or do you just look at it and say "there you are; like I've always said; women always go for the bad boy"! ;-) We KNOW that the evangelicals would certainly have a whole slew of opinions on this, but I'd love to hear from those who actually own it what it means to them.

Anonymous said...

This has long been a favourite painting of mine, along with many of the others in the Mirage series (particularly Anticorn, Wedding Gown, Mermaid and Triton, Flying Dragons, Incubus, Soap and Touches - that's an awful lot of favourites but each of the pieces was just so strong)! Such a beautifully subtle painting technique - the colour, lighting and composition are all superb! Mirage is still among my favourite books even after all these years! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Boris and Julie?????!!!!!!

Im dreamming!!!!!


I loved your art!!!!!!!

: )

Keith said...

Boris and Julie,

Your artwork and gifts are stunning and amazing. My daughter who is attending Columbia College in Chicago, and myself, have enjoyed your work for years. We would love to get your insight on tapping into your artistic "muse" during difficult times when imagination seems to escape you. Me and my daughter, (Robin), run into that from time to time in our own artistic work. I have to admit, whenever I get a roadblock in that area, your work and incredible creativity has always inspired me during those dry spells. Take care, and thanks again for the wonderful gifts to the art world and inspiration to aspiring artists, wanna-a-be's, like us!

Keith and Robin

Rayford said...

Wow! This is a blast from the past Boris. I remember being particularly attracted to this one as well. I'm pretty sure I swiped it's composition a few times over the years in my own little scratchings:) It's stuck in my subconscious and I never really realized it until now. How wonderful:) Thanks for talking about it. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'd love to hear your thoughts on other pieces you've done. Cheers!

J.E. de Ancerg said...

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J.E. de Ancerg said...

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kriti_dee said...

Boris, your justification for this piece is exactly what I was feeling when I first saw it when I was 14 years old. My Dad lent me the Mirage book (Tiger Printed) and I automatically fell in love with your work, not because I could appreciate the handiwork, not because I fully understood the Human Condition or sexuality, but because of the way it 'spoke' to me, and it too felt as though it was telling me that life is a beautiful, wonderful thing but occasionally there is a little bloodshed and tears.
Now that I have done some of my own art study I can appreciate the work involved, from your first ideas through to excecuting major works.

You inspired me and continue to do so, I am currently teaching myself how to paint and am pushing my concepts more and more.

Thankyou for being part of my life!

Anonymous said...

I always felt that the Australian National Rugby League Trophy looked so much like this painting of yours.

Anonymous said...

I actually once wrote a piece that describes this as a magical "Stockholm Syndrome" - that is, the captive has a growing affinity for a captor, to the point where it becomes an affection. I'm not sure Boris would want this directly in his blog, so I'll send it to those who are interested.