Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 3

Wow! Time is flying by and we're already on Day 3. Last night we all gathered around the TV to watch the debate and then toasted up some marshmallows around a huge fire. An interesting science experiment followed the marshmallow toasting and now we're all back to work today! Hiking up to the waterfall is planned for this afternoon.

Till next time,
Julie and Boris


Ben Foster said...

Did I mention how much I want to be there right now? No? Let me do it again.... :D

Looks (and sounds) just as fun as last year. Hopefully I can slip up there for "visitor day" this week!

Annalisa said...

It looks and sounds like a delightful experience! Is that one large single-room cabin you're staying in? Are you sleeping right there next to your paintings? What devoted artists.

Is that the Amelia painting Greg Manchess started during the Illustration Master Class?? Ahh memories. :-)

I hope the hiking was good!

Boris and Julie said...

Hi Annalisa,
No, we're all working together, but we have separate cabins to sleep in. And, yes, that is the same Amelia painting that Greg was working on at the Master Class!
Julie and Boris