Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Barn Moments

Irene Gallo climbed up really, really high in the barn regardless of the fact that there were screeching bats as well as serious evidence of mice,
and Scott Fischer brought an amazing robot that he built.

Julie and Rebecca Guay looking like sisters,
Arkady Rothman hanging out,
and Dave Sealy talking painting with Anthony Palumbo.

Cristina and Uno Dos Santos

Happy moments in our hike to the waterfalls before we broke off into small groups on the way back and got a little bit lost in the woods.  We felt like we were in an episode of "Lost".  
Julie overlooking a breathtaking open vista on the left.  In the group shot are (L to R) Greg Manchess, Scott Fischer, David Palumbo, Dan Dos Santos, Lars Grant West, Dave Sealy, Irene Gallo, Steve Stroud, and Anthony Palumbo.

Did you know that you can melt beer bottles in a campfire? It happened right here.


Mike Nicholson said...

Very much enjoying the Barn story this week. What a wonderful location to get your art on!

Rayford said...

Looks like a blast... Scott's robot is awesome:)