Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Barn

Tomorrow morning we're going to our annual (third year!) artists' retreat.  Every year, in an undisclosed location (shhh!) at a really cool barn in the mountains, we meet up with a bunch of our fellow artist friends and all spend a week painting together, hiking, and having a blast.  It's a perfect way to get away and relax and still get our work done!  
We'll try to post highlights of our week as it goes along.

See you,
Julie and Boris


Corina St. Martin said...

Have fun and be safe! Hey, maybe you can snap a photo of Walter painting? I'd love to see some of his work. LOL

Take care!


Jen said...

I'm so envious! it looks like heaven. Have a wonderful time- and may the week bring you perfect early autumn weather and loads of inspiration!

Tom Scholes said...

Naaaaaahhhhhh, such a place surely can't exist. It's too awesome looking. You guys painted it didn't you?

Tracy said...

Have a great time and say hey to IG for me.