Saturday, September 20, 2008


What does this have to do with anything? Go to My Pal Walter and find out!

Boris and Julie


Ben Foster said...

That's so awesome. Walter out visiting with the family!

Boris and Julie said...

Hey Ben! Good to hear from you!

Julie and Boris

Jen said...

Lol! Well, whatever you're feeding Walter has made him bigger...and leaner. Have you put him on one of your workout routines? ;-)

I love David's concept. I see a children's picture book in the making there-one with a crossover audience of adults!Quite charming. I also see that he has a link to "Garfield minus Garfield" on his site. Now, you've really got to be someone who spends a lot of time working in the studio alone to fully appreciate the existentialist angst bordering on insanity reflected in those retooled panels. That's why so many of those of us who freelance need a Walter of our own!

I can't wait to see Dave and Walter snow boarding, skeet shooting, snorkling,at the dentist, the drive through, an art festival, mosh pit...oh, the endless possibilities!


Boris and Julie said...

Good thoughts, Jen! We'll pass them on to David.