Thursday, September 18, 2008

November Issue of Heavy Metal Magazine

The latest installment in our Tarot series featured in Heavy Metal Magazine is now on the newsstands! We show three new Tarot cards each issue, and since the four of us are creating the set, one of us gets a break. This month, it was Boris' turn to just hang out and listen to Rachmaninoff.


Eric Braddock said...

I think you have officially given me a reason to investigate heavy metal magazine. These are fantastic, I'm loving them and can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

Great work! I was particularly drawn to "Four of Wands", there's something very atmospheric about the painting! I also love the sense of movement in "Queen of Cups" as well as the composition for "Eight of Swords".

Dark Wolf said...

Absolutely lovely works :) I particulalrly like "Queen of Cups", but the other two are great too.

Bruno said...

Cara que legal hein?!!!
Quando eu crescer quero fazer assim!!!
Show mesmo!!!!