Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Painting in Progress

These are stages one and two of painting a head. In the first picture the pencil drawing is glazed with a thin coat of burnt sienna acrylic.
In the second picture, oil colors are blocked quickly one next to the other with a flat brush, in this case a number 4.

The picture on the left shows the blending of the colors. This is done with a soft, round, watercolor brush, number 6 for this one.
In the picture on the right we see the finished head. Details have been added as needed.
The whole process of painting the head has taken one hour. The size of the head is around 3.25" from the top of the head to the chin



capprotti said...

How economical, I can't believe you only put an hour into that face. Beautiful. I'm really glad you two have a blog, I'm looking forward to future posts.

Eric Braddock said...

Wow, fantastic. I absolutely LOVE seeing process photos, I'm really excited to see what else you add to this as time goes on. How large is this head anyway??

John Ward said...

Hi Boris,

I really enjoy the process shots and your blog. I wanted to thank you for calling out which type of brushes you use. That's good information to have. Thanks.

John Ward

Pgiord1020 said...

Hy, Guys I still think you should do a video. It could be a small video on how to paint a hand or face or something like that. Thank Pete Giordano

Niyado said...

This is so OUTSTANDING!! I love the idea that you 2 made a blog, is interesting to know how other people share they life and ideas with others, i already love your Art Boris, the same to Julie, the first time that i saw the team work i was so surprise!! keep going you 2 are one of my favorite inspiration for my fantasy world in my brain.

PD: Sorry about my english xD

luchoap said...

saludos cordiales de Arequipa-City del Perú...
excelente vuestra pagina
atte. luis

t11 said...

Economical indeed. Now my only question is that burnt sienna glaze oil or acrylic before the oils?
Thank you guys for taking the time to put this together.

Boris and Julie said...

Thank you all so much for all the comments. I have added a couple of words to the description of painting the head demonstration to make the process clearer and answer your questions.


Rayford said...

Wow! So fast! Beautiful work Boris:)

Joe Jusko said...

Brilliant demo, Boris!

toñito avalos said...

Genial,maestro Boris!
Como siempre,buen proceso ;)

Greetings from Peru

Juan Carlos Silva Bocanegra said...

Muy buena demostración de color.
Boris, todavía tengo esos cuadernos escolares atlas que ilustrabas con dibujos excelentes para los escolares peruanos.
Te felicito compatriota peruano.

leo said...

hola soy leito de cusco peru
la verdad es impresionante lo que es el surrealismo y mucho mejor lo que hacen los dos boris y julie me encantan los trabajos soy estudiante de bellas artes cusco me interesa mucho lo de ustedes hacen en el aspecto artistico imprecionante por el dominio de la figura humana ... ,,,,, arte ,,,,