Saturday, February 7, 2009

Except for Julie's quick trip to Texas, we've been pretty much locked in our studio for the past few weeks doing nothing but finishing up our paintings for our 2010 Boris and Julie Fantasy Calendar. So it was great to get out on Friday night to attend the opening at The Artist's House with Anthony Palumbo and David Palumbo headlining the show.
Janette by Anthony Palumbo

Never On Time by David Palumbo

We met up with some friends at the show--the lady in the tan colored hat is Cynthia Manion, our longtime friend and model.  Dr. Don Riggs of Drexel University is in the center photo with Anthony and Cynthia.  David is in the third photo with Dena, Anna, and Peter.
Now it's time to get to work on our Fantasy Calendar for 2011 (for real!).


Nika said...

Dear Boris,
I'm an old admirer of you, since the '80-ies. I like your mystic paintings very much , congratulations to you and Julie.
Monika from Hungary.

Tric.The said...

Will the calendar come to Brazil?

Congratulations for the Aqua Teen painting!!!

Joe Jusko said...

These pieces are gorgeous! As someone who grew up on NY's lower east side, "Jeanette" really captures that neighborhood perfectly. Beautiful work on both counts!!!

Boris and Julie said...

Thanks Joe! We've passed your compliments on to Anthony and David. Hope we can see you soon!

Also, thank you Monika and Tric.The! We're not sure if the calendar is sold in Brazil, but you can definitely get it from or

Jen said...

Congrats to Tony and David on their exhibitions! I absolutely love the mood and atmosphere of Tony's works, while David's concept for his series is just brilliant. A great follow up to the Reader series.

I can't get over the Penske truck in "Janet"; I can almost smell the diesel!

victorrr36 said...

wow i never thought i'll find your blog your work is just great, and i find really great the thought of been able to live from your paintings and illustrations , i wish i could also but life takes you to different ways and well i can't dedicate to it, instead i'm just a fan and enjoy painting every once in a while.

I can't get enough of your work, i wish you could pass by my blog and share a comment.

Once again , love your work.

The Painting Poet said...

Not surprised you are already working on 2011, I have to pre-order 2010 at the beginning of December 2008!!! At least I know there is some good art in my studio.

I love the pictures you have feaatured here.

Regards to you both