Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Spring

Sigh!  We were just looking through some pictures we took last Spring in Paris and
thinking that it was really fun to be there.  We had been at Elf Fair in Utrecht, Holland,
and we rented a car and drove to Paris.  Yay for road trips!


Jen said...

Ah Paris, my favorite city in the world (not that I've been to all of them-so, favorite city thus far)! An artist can really feel at home there. I think it was Gertrude Stein who said "America is my country and Paris is my hometown".

All the guys have gone native! Black jackets are the perfect way to blend in over there...well that, and cigarettes, so thankfully they haven't gone completely Parisian!


Boris and Julie said...

We sure did love it there! Besides the mind-blowing, life-altering, dimension-shifting art that is in Paris, they have freshly made crepes with hot Nutella on them. Whoa!!!

Jen said... nutella on a freshly made crepe on a crisp Spring or Autumn afternoon in Paris-now that's some livin'! I like to add strawberries and even a bit of creme to my hot nutella; not diet food, but there's a lot of walking in Paris to burn it off. Or if you really want to get decadent, then a trip to Laudree on Rue Royale or avenue des Champs Elysees is in order: there's often a long line at the pastry counter but it's worth the wait! I like my little green box to go; nothing like a Laudree pastry by that children's boat pond in the park among all those wonderful statues!

It's so cool that so much of the mind-blowing, life-altering, dimension-shifting art isn't just in the museums-often it's right out on the streets! In Paris even the common in uncommonly beautiful: