Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dorian Vallejo

You may be familiar with our son Dorian's art in its many faces, as an illustrator back in the 90's and later on as a fine artist. His first book of life drawings is now out!
You can visit his website for more about his art HERE and you can view this cool video preview!


Jaime Gervais said...

Wow... you two truly must have the most talented family. The creative energy must be just amazing. Everyone is so unique too! :D Thank you for sharing that with us...Dorian is amazing and his book looks fantastic. :D David's work is just brilliant also and his book is going to inspire and amaze also!

-What an awesome family.

-Jaime :D

Shany said...

Very nice! Is it his first book? His style is much different than yours (julie/boris).. how come ? He's not into fantasy art? or ? I hope his book will succeed and people will recognize him as his own artist not because of he amazing parents! :)

Boris and Julie said...

Thanks so much, Jaime! We all feel very lucky to be in this family!

And thank you for the good wishes, Shany!

Julian Tejera said...

I had the pleasure of seeing the book before it was released when he dropped by my job (Montclair Art Museum) and boy was I floored by how beautifully produced it was, as well as the breadth of work he produces. It gives me pleasure to call Dorian a friend, one whom I have looked up to and respected for quite some time before even realizing the relation.