Monday, April 6, 2009

New Hard Curves Blog

Julie's health fitness blog, Hard Curves, is now open. Drop by sometime!


Jeremy Elder said...

So great! Thanks for starting that blog!

Julie Bell said...

And thanks for your encouragement, Jeremy!

Kendall said...

Very cool, I'll be reading the new blog, too. It looks good already! I'm still working on exercise (especially) and nutrition (not as much as I should) and a fresh perspective from someone like Julie sounds great. :-)

Kendall (of Kendall & Jack)

Pierz said...

About damn time... :P

I'm sure I will be a frequent visitor!!!

Julie Bell said...

Thanks Kendall, Jack, and Pierz--It's going to be so fun!


The Clubblogger said...

hey I wnated to let you know I came across osmeone selling your work in secondlife in the sim glow estates. the offenders user name is tara cult, and while she gives you both credit for your work, I doubt she's giving you the money shes making. (each sale earns her between $.25 and $100 usd).