Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life Drawing

Drawing the human figure from life is probably the Number One most important exercise (besides cardio fitness, of course!) for illustrators.  Even if you're painting regularly, drawing from life challenges your brain to solve problems that will come in handy with finished work later on.  We went to a sketch group earlier this week to practice our skills.  


David Patel said...

these are awesome. its pretty surprising how many students ive met in art schools who've never done figure drawing

Boris and Julie said...

Hey David:

Yes, we hear that from art teachers. Figure drawing should be done as often as possible. And quick gesture drawing should not be avoided. Often artists that do figure drawing regularly don't want to take the time doing gestures!
Boris and Julie

Jade E. Henderson said...

These are great! I've never done life drawing, and I struggle alot with figures so I should do it, but I'm embarassed to go to the class LOL maybe I'll go one day!

BerinU said...

Life drawing is the best. I don't do it nearly enough. I love the fact that this blog shows you guys both working and practicing, keeping your skills tight. Its very inspirational.

Mike Nicholson said...

Our community art center offers life drawing classes which I've attended over the last several years. I really enjoy them, but struggle to make the time.

These sketches amaze me in their simple lines and shading technique yet warmth. I am also enjoy how you've taken the time to flush out certain areas and leave others less detailed ensuring the viewers focus.

Wonderful work once more. Thank you for sharing

DonnieL said...

Thanks for posting these.I love seeing how painters approach drawing the figure.Being a graphic designer/storyboard artist I spend most of my time drawing concepts and gestures for my work and to keep my skill up.What would you suggest for increasing ones painting skills,I find it difficult to do because I get so frustrated.Is there an approach in painting that is similar to gesture/quick sketching in drawing?

Julie Bell said...

Absolutely! Quick painted sketches that address the basic form, main areas of light and dark (which are a major factor in creating your composition), and the overall color scheme are always helpful.
--Boris and Julie

DonnieL said...

Thanks so much!I will defiantly put this to practice.Appreciate the time you take to share.Hopefully this will help me to loosen up and get through this funk/frustrated stage Im in and Ill actually enjoying painting again.

chvg1968 said...

Hello Julie and Boris, I admire your work, is sensational. Thanks for share your talent with the rest of world. I have a question por julie: What do you think, what´s the best way to make a composition, view the nature that around of us or just imagine it.

Julie Bell said...

I would say that every time you create art that is made by observing either nature or some other reference material, you are adding a book to the library of information in your mind. So you are adding more and more choices to whatever you want to create from your imagination. There is nothing that can be created that is completely removed from something you have observed at some time in your life.
So, the short answer would be to do both--work from nature and use what you've learned to create from your imagination.

Salem said...

Its so neat you guys put up the drawings that are studies, or works in progress, to see artist so talented and to get a peak in side there world is so inpiring and cool.
One of my teachers Tom Kerr went to school while Dorian was there at SVA, he told me he was very talented another teacher I had Jim Hoston a former colourist for Marvel new Donato Giancola and met Dorian at some parties and get togethers, he said Dorian is actually a funny guy you wouldn't think so with such serious stunning portrait work.
I think its neat the way the art runs through the family and to see Julie's sons with the same talent, one of my teachers once remarked yeah its like a family buisness.

Lumo said...
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