Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going to Illuxcon!

Tomorrow we're heading out to the great city of Altoona, PA to attend the first Illuxcon, a convention devoted entirely to fantasy art.  It was invented and put together by Pat and Jeannie Wilshire, obviously two of the most devoted fantasy art fans ever!  We're going to have tons of original art on display as well as panel discussions and painting demonstrations.  Plus, as always, we're going to have tons of fun.  But then, we always take our fun with us wherever we go.
So, we're leaving you with these winged ponies gorging themselves on organic, trans fat free tortilla chips as food for thought.  
To all of you who will be with us in Altoona, see you soon!

Boris and Julie

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Javier Quijano Llicán said...

Hola, excelentes trabajos como siempre, veo que se van a un festival llamado Illuxcon, ojala todo les vaya de muy bien.