Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From My Nasty Sketch book

I have always enjoyed doing cartooning just for the fun of it. Most of the time I do them on napkins or envelopes, so I don't usually keep them. Many years ago, 1979 to be precise, I decided to do a full book of the nasty cartoons that often come from my sick head to my even sicker pen, and then they get tossed into the garbage bin for obvious reasons. After the initial drawings, priorities pushed aside the project. Anyway, here are two of those.



BerinU said...

Ok, those are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...


Those are histerical....is the first one called "junk" rope?

I think we all tend to do those kind of sketches and doodles......I know I do, I eventually plan on puttting them together in a book someday.

Thanks for sharing those.


Jen said...

Lol! Why do I get the sense that these are two of the tamer sketches from the Nasty Sketch Book? ;-)

Calbur said...

LOL, Maestro, I always think, I don't know why, that famous artist like you don't have time for humor, that always you're so busy, serious, but I see I'm wrong. Those cartoons are so hilarious, extremely amusing. We wanna more of your Nasty sketches. lol.
Un abrazo maestro.

Noman said...

Bang, wang!.. Those two have fun too! :-) ..and I believe they did it not less than you ,Boris, when you draw tham! ;-)
Thanks, I had fun too!