Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cool paintings to see!

Just had to show these! First is a portrait of Boris, recently painted by one of our sons, David Palumbo. The second one, titled "Tooth and Nail", is by another one of our sons, Anthony Palumbo. Being in a family of talented, inspired artists is just about the most wonderful thing we can think of!
Both of these paintings are part of a show at The Artist's House Gallery in Philadelphia, opening January 6.


Ashesela said...

Wow, your whole family is amazingly talented! Thank you for sharing such wonderful art with us. ^-^

Matthew said...

Beautiful control on Boris' portrait. I've always like how well Dave handles textures and in this case he's able to use it effectively without it taking over the painting.

Boris and Julie said...

Thanks Ashesela and Matthew! We'll
pass your compliments to Anthony and David!

skroez said...

Such great talents, So good to see your artist blood being passed down, for other generations to see, such quality work..

Edward Halmurzaev said...

Wow ! Beautiful !

April Solomon said...

Wow! amazing work. I also couldn't help but notice that the portrait of the girl is me!. So awesome!.

I did some modeling for Dave during I.M.C 2011. He really captured the portrait. I of coarse love the portrait of Boris as well. I know Dave has his own dedication to perfecting his talent to take credit but I wont deny that Hes got the best teachers around to start him off in the right direction.

I'm looking forward to the next I.M.C 2012 with you guys!

All my best regards

April Solomon

Boris and Julie said...

Hey April,

Great to hear from you and glad you like the portrait! It was Anthony who painted it, though, not David. You sure did a fantastic job posing for him!

Ian W. Johnson said...


David's painting of Boris is really striking. His handling of reflected light and values makes the portrait come off the canvas.

Shany said...

Palumbo? What happened to 'Vallejo' ? or 'Bell'? ?!?!