Monday, November 16, 2009

Illuxcon 2

The second Illuxcon took place last week from Thursday the 12th through Sunday the 15th in Altoona, PA. More than sixty five artists were at hand displaying several hundred incredible pieces of art. Numerous collectors were also in attendance purchasing
original art as well as high quality prints for their collections. David, Tony, and his girlfriend, Nonie and the two of us had a grand time. Julie and I also gave an impromptu demonstration as we were working on two paintings for our 2011 calendar. The above picture of Julie appeared in the first page of the local newspaper. What fun!


A. Jaye Williams said...

Glad you both had a great time! Hope to see you in Canada sometime soon, too. Keep up the great work!

Edward Halmurzaev said...

I am also glad that you had a nice time! I wish you a fruiful art continuation! Good luck!

John Picacio said...

It was a pleasure to see you and Julie again, Boris. Really enjoyed seeing you both at work. Thanks for everything. :)

Christopher said...

It was great seeing you guys there and watching you work. Fantastic inspiration. When Michael Whelan and Brom came over to watch you paint and ask questions, it was pretty much artistic Nirvana.

Looking forward to IMC.

Boris and Julie said...

Artistic Nirvana is a good way to put it. The whole weekend was very energizing and inspiring for us all!

NomadSoul said...

That looked like such fun! :D I can't wait to see your new Calendar!

I have 2 small technical questions for you two if you have the time... :)
1. How do you and your clients frame your artwork on illustration board? Behind glass? Open? With a mat?

2.I realize you don't use any mediums like linseed oil or Liquin - so do you ever varnish your finished works after a year?

I see Julie there, with her illustration board and I can say that I totally understand why you use it - it is sooo smooth with no dimples.

Best wishes you two - this is a great blog and I love to see you both in action! Happy Painting!
:D -Jaime

Boris and Julie said...

NomadSoul, we like to frame our paintings with a mat and under glass (or plexiglass). The framer makes sure that the painting can breathe and the glass keeps the dust off.
We do varnish our paintings at the end. We can use retouch varnish immediately after it's dry (this evens out the shine and brings out all the colors). Then, as you said, after a year, we can use a permanent gloss varnish. The reason we wait so long for the permanent varnish is that, if it's necessary at some time in the future for the painting to be cleaned and re-varnished, no paint will come off.

NomadSoul said...

Thank you for the quick reply! I was wondering about that retouch varnish by W&N. Do you leave the retouch varnish on as a protective layer when you apply a final varnish after a year? There's some debate about it. Are there any plans for you two to ever visit BC Canada? Say... Vancouver? *smiles and blinks... * :D There is a new Fantasy Sci-Fi convention happening Sept 4th and 5th 2010 called FanFairFest .
Thank so much for your advice. I will try the retouch.

JenniferGOliver said...

I've heard nothing but glowing reports from this years IlluxCon, and I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful time! I'm sure that watching you work was a real treat for attendees since it really is like watching magic happen. Maybe I'll catch it again next year.

Congrats to Julie for making the front page!

Kcirbuk said...

fantastic blog!!
Has always been a big fan of boris!


Anonymous said...
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Patrick j Jones said...

Hey guys,

Was talking to Pat and Jeannie last night about the show and it looks like I missed a big one. Would have loved to drop by your table and watch you guys paint!

Will see you next year!

Best wishes,


Boris and Julie said...

That will be great, Patrick! It seems like Illuxcon is just going to get better and better every year.