Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Illustration Master Class

We've just returned from the most magical week! We were two of the faculty members of the 2009 Illustration Master Class, organized by Rebecca Guay, located at Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. If you have an interest in developing and enhancing your artistic skills and would like to be surrounded by about 80 of the most dedicated students in this solar system as well as a dozen or so professionals at the top of the field of fantasy/science fiction illustration, cross your fingers and hope with all your might that Rebecca organizes a third Illustration Master Class for next year and join us! It's a gathering like no other. Everyone involved, faculty and students alike, seemed to feel the electrical energy, inspiration, and newly refreshed enthusiasm that was generated there.
We truly hope that the Illustration Master Class will be around for many, many years to come!


Jade E. Henderson said...

Wow I wish I lived in America to attend this!

Gregory Becker said...

That had to be the best. I would love to have been there. It does sound a little intimidating but I think I would've gotten over that pretty quick.
Were the attendees allowed to walk around and observe and ask questions?

Carol H. said...

This sounds so cool! I had never heard of it before. Was it mostly traditional media that was taught?

Calbur said...

Amazing! I wish I've been there surrounded by such famous artists. One day, I hope, one day.
Regards Maestro

Corina St. Martin said...

The week flew by so fast! Thank you both for all of your awesome advice and reassurance. I truly feel you have both become good friends of mine. Have a great week!

Cbreeze said...

Hi Boris and Julie!

I never got to say goodbye to you guys when you left the Master Class. I was checking out the natural history museum, which was awesome. Took a lot of great reference pictures.
I hope you both had as much fun as I did. Who knows, maybe I'll see you again next year.

So here is a belated goodbye and *hug*

Take care!

Edward Halmurzaev said...

This Masterclass is a dream for every artist who work i the field of fantasy! To see the legendary masters such as Boris and Jolie is a happiness!!!!

RIDDICK said...

Wow...that's really great! wonder why I'm in Ukraine (((((((((((