Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Fox Revisited

Now I like it! Pushing through the trees all the way to the sky brought back depth that had been taken away by darkening the forest so much. Also, as was brought up in previous comments, the strong verticle lines of the trees is a great compositional tool to be used with care. I'm happy with the color change from the first version (too much green). It's more lively and unexpected. Anyway, I'm going to try to put this painting away and leave it alone, although I admit I've become a bit addicted to changing it now. It's like eating potato chips (which I never eat) where you just keep seeing one more tempting little bit and, before you know it, you're 50 pounds heavier.
Thanks for all the helpful comments and suggestions!



Jen said...

Love it! I can almost feel her soft fur and smell the moss and leaf strewn floor of the forest. The depth you've added to the background and the color changes make it downright enchanting in the truest sense of the word! Somewhere Rien is smiling.


Boris and Julie said...

Thanks so much, Jen! I love to think that Rien would be smiling!


toñito avalos said...

Ha quedado mucho mejor!Me agrada la sombra que proyectan las hojas sobre su lomo,se ve muy real y le da mucha vida.

Great illustration!

Saludines cordiales desde Peru,maestro Boris y Julie

Boris and Julie said...

Muchas gracias, Tonito!


Jade E. Henderson said...

That looks beautiful, I really like how you have done the shadows, gives the painting great atmosphere.

Frog God said...

a bat in a cave/ flying through a moon lit night

gerraf poking its heat out of a tree

a child looking at a shark through an aquarium

sloth hanging from a tree

a mythical animal
-big foot
-lockness monster

other things
never ending story
ghost busters
The birds (movie remake)

Ascheilord said...

Gran trabajo! Exelent Work!
My congratulations to you Julie.

Hace un buen tiempo que sigo tus ilustraciones y me parecen cada vez mejores conforme pasa el tiempo. Debo decir que me encanta tu paleta.

Saludos también a usted maestro Boris. Usted ha sido y es uno de mis referentes.

Mi nombre es Pablo Aschei, soy de Argentina y soy ilustrador.
Me honrarían enormemente si visitaran mi blog.

Es un hecho muy feliz para mi el haber encontrado el blog de dos artistas tan significativos para mi como lo son ustedes.

Les dejo mis mejores deseos y saludos.

P.D.:Sorry but my english is limitated.

Pablo Darío Aschei

Corina St. Martin said...

Yeah! That looks great Julie! It looked great before but the changes really made it pop.

Marco Costa said...

I leave a greeting them from Peru of a humble visual artist who admires his extraordinary work, of two big creators of a world of surprising fantasies Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's they have been my modal to embark in this world of it them appears and the realism from my revenue to the Art school in Peru I have been maturing in my drawing and painting thanks to the drawings that it was observing and they helped me in my artistic formation, for this I am grateful for this technology of the Internet that it allows me to accede to a space that they show it to the world and in which I can of this form make him come my gratefulness and letter of congratulation for his(creative so intense and surprising labor, Regards of an admirer of his art Julie Bell's and Boris Vallejo. Congratulations!
P.d.:Sorry for the translation!

Joe Jusko said...

I absolutely LOVE this version, Julie! The increased depth of field really completes the environment. I actually want to walk through the painting to see what's in the background!

Anonymous said...

La luz sigue siendo la mejor herramienta, su tratamiento es para mí una técnica en sí, al margen del procedimiento pictórico. Qué bien lo sabía Rembrandt o Caravaggio o el propio Doré. Felicidades. Les sigo. Y a usted maestro Boris, solo agradecerle que entre otros grandes, despertara en mí el amor y la pasión por el arte en genral y la ilustración en particular. Gracias desde España.

Boris and Julie said...

Wow! Thanks so much for all the encouragement. My animal paintings are something I'd wanted to get into for years but was reluctant to step out of the fantasy world. At this point, I'm planning to build up a body of work of wildlife paintings to see what I can do with it. A slow process for sure, but one that I love every step of.
Again, thank you guys so much for your encouragement and enthusiasm!

Red Fox said...

Este blog es simplemente genial.
El trabajo que hacen es increible.

Tabien les queria agradecer muchisimo, porque sus trabajos me han inspirado de ninio enormenete para convertirme en dibujante.

Todavia recuerdo cuando era un pibe coleccionar las trading cards de X-men fleer ultra del 95, y quedar atonito con sus fenomenales ilustraciones, mirandolas por largo rato una y otra vez.

Este blog va directo a mis favoritos!
Mis mas sinceros afectos!

Keep it up!